• Frédéric, 23

    “This procedure has helped me to feel more confident in my sex life and last longer. I didn’t have a particular problem with size but I wanted to feel like I lived up to my partners’ expectations. Thanks Dr. Auroy for your competence and advice. “
  • Alex, 26

    “I had a problem with premature ejaculation and Dr.Auroy explained how a painless injection into the glans could help to treat this problem. My glans was bigger and thicker, which improved sexual relations.“
  • Olivier, 31

    “My penis is thicker and my erections are harder. My penis was average in size but I wanted more. It took me a few weeks to get used to my new penis. It felt strange to begin with but I have definitely put my complex behind me thanks to penoplasty. I have discovered something else, too: women also talk to each other about their sexual experiences.“
  • Gwenaël, 25

    “My girlfriend compared it to having a breast enlargement with implants! I’m really into sport and was suffering from locker room syndrome! I’m really happy with the result, my penis is thicker when flaccid and I’m much more confident.”
  • Patrick, 29

    “My penis is thicker when flaccid and also during an erection so sexual relations are more pleasurable. My partner is thrilled!! It also feels great to have a bulge in my underpants!!“
  • Gérard, 58

    “Recently divorced, this little boost has helped me to feel better about myself. “
  • Cédric, 37

    “I’m really into sport and I often go to Germany or Finland where saunas are routinely used. I always wanted to have a biggerpenis to feel more at ease. Thanks Dr. Auroy! After 2 sessions of injections, my partner was thrilled.“
  • Christophe, 33

    “I’m 6 foot 4, do weight training and used to be a rugby player. I had a complex about the size of my penis. I feel better now that it is more in harmony with the rest of my body, thank you Dr. Auroy!“
  • François, 35

    “I had a complex about my penis because I didn't think it was big enough (just like women with their breasts) and I used to ejaculate after a few minutes. Thank you Dr. Auroy for explaining everything to me and making it clear that he wasn't a magician! Overall: my penis is much biggerand a bit longer when flaccid, and I don’t ejaculate so fast. My girlfriend is happy for me and for herself. I feel more sure of myself and fulfilled.”
  • Steven, 31

    “I didn't know that this technique existed and I would never have done it otherwise.I had a complex about the size of my glans, which was too small compared to my penis. I am satisfied with the result and I know I can easily do it again.“
  • Philippe, 40

    “Even if it wasn’t very pleasant at first: I was apprehensive about the procedure, the pain afterwards and feeling uncomfortablebut it all disappeared. I don't regret it at all. My wife was very happy with the result and our sex life is more fulfilled.“